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Death Penalty Experience
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Prison Break Investigations is the perfect choice for criminal defense cases. Our experienced team of investigators have decades of experience in law enforcement operations and investigations, making them experts in patrol operations, criminal investigations, crime scene analysis, evidence collection and preservation, and police use of force.

We provide a complete criminal defense investigation on each and every case, including interviews, review of discovery, visiting the crime scene, photographing the crime scene, investigating new evidence, and any other investigative actions the attorney deems necessary. Our visits with clients in jail allow the attorney to focus on preparing the defense.

The Justice Administration Commission (JAC) is the branch of the government of the State of Florida that helps fund individuals who have been deemed indigent and are unable to pay for certain parts of their criminal defense. This includes Private Investigators, Transcriptions, and other Specialists. Court Appointed Cases (CAC) are cases assigned to private attorneys from an established list due to a conflict. On the other hand, Indigent for Cost (IFC) cases are cases where the client or family member pays a private attorney for their services, but the client is still deemed indigent and qualify for the financial services of JAC for private investigators, specialists, and transcripts.


Prison Break Investigations has eight years of experience working indigent criminal defense cases. We work indigent criminal defense cases at the JAC rate and are license and in good standing with Justice Administration Commission and the Florida Department of Agriculture. We encourage attorneys who are unfamiliar with the Florida Justice Administration Commission (JAC) to visit their website to learn more on how they could help fund your criminal defense case for your indigent clients.

If you are looking for reliable criminal defense investigations, look no further than Prison Break Investigations. With our decades of experience in law enforcement and investigations, we guarantee you the highest quality investigations and results. Let us give you and your clients the best defense possible.

New American Bar Association requirements for criminal defense attorneys


Standard 4-4.1 Duty to Investigate and Engage Investigators


 (a) Defense counsel has a duty to investigate in all cases, and to determine whether there is a sufficient factual basis for criminal charges.

(b) The duty to investigate is not terminated by factors such as the apparent force of the prosecution’s evidence, a client’s alleged admissions to others of facts suggesting guilt, a client’s expressed desire to plead guilty or that there should be no investigation, or statements to defense counsel supporting guilt.

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