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We provide both domestic surveillance (cheating spouses) and medical surveillance (work comp and slip and fall injuries). 


Our investigators have extensive experience working undercover narcotics surveillance.  Since the inception of Prison Break Investigations we have provided covert surveillance on numerous cases where the suing party claimed they had a debilitating injury but due to our expert covert surveillance and high quality surveillance equipment, we were able to video record these individuals performing activities that they claimed that they could not perform. 

Our investigators utilize small covert video cameras that allow us to record without detection.  We have both male and female investigators available to complete the surveillance and blend into most environments.  We attempt to provide detailed video with time and date stamps.  Our investigators have traveled on cases that ended up in other states; these cases have needed surveillance to be maintained for several weeks. 


Prison Break Investigations has provided investigation and surveillance on numerous medical lawsuits, which resulted in negating over $15,000,000.00 in lawsuits.

Another major request for surveillance is in child custody cases.  These cases the client, usually a parent or guardian sharing custody, suspects that the other parent abuses alcohol, drugs, or engages in some type of neglectful behavior during their time sharing period. Some examples of these cases are: #1-The father picks up the children for his weekend time sharing, takes the children to a sports bar for dinner, drinks several alcoholic beverages, then drives home intoxicated with the children in the car.   #2-(Right of First Refusal) The mother has time sharing with the children for the weekend.  Instead of spending time with the children, the mother goes gambling with her boyfriend and leaves the children with a grandparent for the weekend without asking the father.  In both of these scenarios our investigators will conduct surveillance on the offending parent and capture date stamped video of the offense.  

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